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About Us

You’re standing on a windswept cornice that overlooks 5,000 feet of vertical. The wind is nipping at the small bit of bare skin exposed between your facemask and your goggles and it’s starting to go numb, but it’s a bluebird day and you couldn’t care less. Right before you drop in you take a deep breath and the cold air pierces your lungs. These are the moments you live for, and it’s for the love of those moments that we make BoardSide Down Wax.

We’re here for the same reason we were in 1988 when our friend’s dad started this company–we’re here to enjoy the winter, the snow, and the fun we have with our friends and family. We want to keep the wax we make fresh, innovative, and fast to keep that ideology going, that’s what keeps us here as a company, sharing this love and passion in the form of some damn good ski wax & snowboard wax.

We locally source all our materials and manufacture our products in Oregon, each wax product is poured and assembled by hand to ensure quality (and because it’s fun). That’s why we offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Boardside Down was created from and made for the moments we live for as skiers and snowboarders. So take charge and live the moment.

-Boardside Down Crew