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Matt Turner Featured Rider of the Month

Full recap video of Mt.Bachelor TransAM competition

-You’ve been getting after some competitions this year like the TransAm comp at Bachelor, Could you tell us about the event and any strategies you had going into the event?

Matt Turner
Yea, it was pretty cool to have TransAm come to Mt. Bachelor this year. I fractured my elbow a few weeks prior to the event and got my cast taken off a few days before, so my strategy going into the event was to stick to what I knew, take it easy, and have as much fun as possible. Also found all the powda in the rail jam course!

-Coming out of an injury, and you place 2nd! That’s definitely impressive how stoked were you stepping onto that podium?

Matt Turner
I was really surprised actually. There were so many kids throwing down that deserved to be on that podium. It really could have been anyone’s game. The competition was tough for sure, which pushed all of us to ride harder in the end.

-Are you going to be adding a few new tricks to arsenal before heading to the finals?

Matt Turner
Definitely working on a more solid bag of tricks for finals. I’m sure the set-up will be innovative too, and allow for some creative maneuvers.

-After the finals what are your plans for the rest of spring?

Matt Turner
Well, my roommate Kornbred and I are going to link up with some good friends in the SLC area for the rest of the break. No parents, no rules. Haha, and try to film some snowboarding as well.

-So we might be seeing some footage of the aftermath of you becoming the TransAm Champ haha?

Matt Turner
Haha I’d hope that not get filmed…

-hahaha, Let’s say we design a Matt Turner signature wax, what would you call it and why?

Matt Turner
I would call it Ewok Wax. In memory of the dopest treehouse village ever.

-Fan of the famous Stars Wars! Do you have any last shout-outs before you bust out your Jedi tricks in Park City?

Matt Turner
Gotta keep that cosmic mentality. Biggest thanks to my Mom and Pops for all their support through the years. Also shout out to Kynde Snowboards, Ilusive Snow Wear, Homeschool Outerwear, The Hood Crew, and all the homies in Bend that keep pushing the game!

-Hell yeah keep doing what you’re doing, and we couldn’t be more stoked to have you repping us for the TransAm Finals! Stoked for you Matt, and we will catch up with again after the finals!

Interview by, David LaValley